Friday, 21 January 2011

An Anniversary, A Gift

I did have a very meaningful and inspiring day on Tuesday! It was crisp and sunny and, as my mother often said, when feeling lost or at loose ends, grab your bag and leave the house! I took this advice and drove to Glastonbury.

I had heard of a new cafe called the Orangerie and decided to give it a go. It was all new and different inside with an airy feel. I liked it at once. Behind the counter were two lovely women, Emma, the owner, and Stella. After my first coffee to get me going and to lift the anvil of sadness off my heart, I thought of mom who loved meeting people and plunging into colourful discussions. So, I said to myself, " try something new today that Mother would have loved" and away I went. I talked to the women for over an hour whereupon three other ladies joined in and we enjoyed each other's company for another hour. At the end of this morning coffee-clatch, we shared addresses and phone numbers and I garnered a walk that afternoon with kind Michelle. It was near an organic farm with animals which Ma also loved and taught me to do the same.

When I stepped out of the car, I was greeted by 5/6 adolescent and vocal piglets.After scratching their inquisitive noses and heads, Michelle and I gravitated towards a friendly ram, named Rambo (oh dear!) and a very shy and slightly aloof goat. Then some very long-haired sheep from Dartmoor and two horses covered in mud and soaking in the last rays of the afternoon sun. We schlepped across fields, streams and mud-ridden paths and I finally encountered Gog and Magog, two ancient trees that are part of the lore and lure of Glastonbury. It was all fantastic.

I would like to thank each woman I met that day, each animal I caressed and each field traversed. Lastly, I wish to thank my Mother who shared her love of both human beings and rural beauty with me throughout our lives together.


  1. This photograph was taken by a woman whose name I am currently trying to find and is a wonderful example of cooperation.