Sunday, 2 January 2011

Greetings and Happy New Year!

My goodness, this is my very first posting and I truly do not know where to begin. I guess the best place is to try to define what the main inspiration or inspirations behind this site are. Firstly, allow me to present myself- I am a visual artist who has chosen collage as her medium. But not collage in the traditional sense. It is not a chaos of images or wordy cuttings that so many viewers assume. And rightly so. It is collage of a unified image with many layers of meaning and feeling integrated into the final offering. It is traditionally executed-with scissors, basic glue and heavy coffee-table books to press and flatten the image. Sometimes, I let them dry on a very sunny window-sill or on the radiator and I have to do this layer upon layer. Wrinkles and tears are of course a risk, so I need to be both patient and methodical.Two things which my temperamental make-up finds extremely challenging! As a result, I pray alot and there are always responses of differing sorts.

The only time I may use a computer is to refine the finalised image-to free it of glue-gaps,wave-wrinkles,colour discrepancies and other eye-disturbing elements. I am recovering from serious brain surgery, so my eyes cannot stay fixed to a screen for long.

So, in the mornings and evenings, I sit, usually before the tube, and embark on a journey with no particular destination. By the way, I will not watch the box during the day-I listen to classical music, mostly Baroque in origin because I find the cheer and mathematical precision very comforting and it does not interrupt the intensity of the creative act or my concentration. Sometimes, I have a vision or a dream in mind, but, mostly, it begins with a single cutting of an image followed by a long path of trial and error.

I never thought of collage before. I had been a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and Middlebury Language School specialising in linguistics and Animal Symbolism in 19th c.French literature. For some unknown reason, since my very first years, symbols, images and the realm of the non-verbal were my preferred channels of deep communication. After this, I was a language teacher in France, the United Kingdom and the States for over 10 years followed by a variety of careers in cultural arts administration, photography, dramatics, a theatre guide in London and finally, in retail. I also spent a couple of years as an assistant innkeeper. My cv resembled a patchwork quilt of impressive but scattered experiences and a singular path of unknown destination. In 2000, I decided to recycle images and objects from these endeavours and create collages-different views of a multitude of experiences , feelings and visions. As a result, I have been at it for just over 10 years and I am waiting for my work to carve a path of exciting yet largely unknown horizons. Whoooppppeeeee!

However, there is a conundrum. I am not the typical, commercially-successful artist nor am I interested in expounding "process" or my biography. What I like is to share with others interpretations and to be of help to those on their " way" whatever that is . I wish to have my art work on behalf of our mutual evolution and to benefit the healing and transforming of our attitudes towards this incredible planet and its' many environments and horizons. It is simply not enough to show what I can do-that can be a very hollow direction and it is rarely of any benefit. So, how and where does an artist ( of any definition) walk his /her talk in this wide world of ours? The net only goes so far, really. After joining a few major art sites and the ever-present and engulfing facebook, one ends up with kind comments, but little else. What I want is to have image and feeling to lead to vital and positive impact (not strident or preachy)-to expanse and transformation of the deepest kind.

So, I am putting it out there and I do welcome your ideas, visions, feelings and suggestions of where we can go from here. With my blessings, whisps of vision
ps-And images are always welcome!

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  1. Thank you Julia for the inspiration and sharing how you work. Like Dr. Estes mentions in Mother NIght, so many artists will not share just how they 'do what they do' with other artists. You, my friend, are the exception and for that I am grateful, especially as I struggle to do anything creative at this time. I am in the belly of the beast.