Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Staging Dream-24January,2011

Hello everyone and anyone who reads this, especially those caught in the maelstrom of free floating and extremely powerful energies. I wish to break this entire experience in instalments for all of us to digest slowly and thoroughly let alone respectfully.

It began on Sunday afternoon. It was lovely, quiet and grey. Perfect for napping, particularly after a healthy walk in the morning. And, so at 2h30 pm, I went for my nap. Three hours later, after a quick bath and preparing my home for evening, a singular wave of exhaustion overtook me. The nap had served as a precursor to the banquet of visions that were to follow. I could not stay awake and all I wanted was silence.No sound from any electrical device-I felt allergic not only to the loud bells and whistles of technologies, but also to my own routine. I just wanted to lie in the dark with the company of a solitary, courageous candle. And I did.

It was an incredible night-bumpy,sweaty, busy, turbulent,sad and ecstatic. So, I will start with dream one which I believe now set the stage for the vision quests to follow. Firstly, this dream took place on an early summer's day in the softly beautiful English countryside. There was a large estate with gardens and it was manicured to perfection.Fountains were gushing, the birds singing in their specific choirs. Only, the staff was able to partake in this exquisite scene. The owners were away for the day.Consequently, routines were relaxed and behaviour happy and unbridled. The large windows were opened and everyone was outside dancing and listening to music. They all decided in unison that this was the change they so longed for and wouldn't it be nice if only the landowners could free themselves up to enjoy life.

As this was going on, the owners spontaneously returned and took everyone by surprise. The lady of the house was Maggie Smith and the lord, actor Robert Hardy.The lady was slight and graceful, but she had abandoned her usual morbid attire. She wore a lovely deep yellow and green dress that brought her to life. The lord agonized about what to do and confided to a young maid that he wouldn't mind dancing but was torn between his usual demeanour and this unexpected behaviour. It hurt him deeply to the point of tears. The maid gently took him and led him to the dance outside in the gardens. Everyone reveled and enjoyed a picnic and music for the entire afternoon.

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