Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Stillpoint

Good day, everyone!

What is truly meant by " good day"? Is it just a greeting that leaps upon one's lips at the first sight of dawn? Or of another human being? What distinguishes it from any other day? Can the day be free from any qualification, so that it may start in all innocence and spontaneity?

No matter what the energies have been pelting us with these past few weeks, I choose to believe that each day heralds something good-tough sometimes, but, at the end of 24 hours or longer, good and full of potential. I love to wake up each morning around 5 am and sit in the semi-darkness waiting for the light to appear. At times, I will light a candle that accompanies me through my quiet routine. At others, just coffee will do and Quiet. I am finding it more and more necessary to seek refuge in silence or birdsong while electricity vibrates incessantly beneath my feet just waiting to ignite my peaceful self into frantic activity.

The early morning is my treasure for which I am able to give thanks and just breathe.As long as I can offer myself this gift of space and quiet time and hold onto to it for awhile, each day is wondrous.

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  1. that's nice to know that you like to wake up around 5 am and wait for the light .... because I like that too :)