Monday, 31 January 2011

The Topling of Ancient Kingdoms and Old Beliefs

Good Morning All!

Thank you to Mike and Annamora for their thoughtful and sensitive remarks-I am grateful.

Today, I will convey my second dream which, I believe, is hopeful and challenging. Only fragments of memory remain, but the essence lives on. The atmosphere of the dream was filled with fire and our three heroes from the Harry Potter books were desperately seeking an ancient tomb and a relic among its' contents. After the topling of ruins in an effort to keep us away, we reached this hidden and below earth tomb. We took a sharp object to chip away at the stone and to pry the protective slabs open. Finally, light reached inside and a skeleton with different relics was revealed. One of the teenagers grabbed the relic, but I stayed to look at the skeleton. It seemed to be a cardinal or bishop who had been buried with all his garb and both showed signs of rot. As I was studying this, the steeple of the church, which was attached to this crypt, caught fire and black smoke spread into the already flame-red sky. And, it crumbled in a very neat fashion from top to bottom.

The dream ended with our getting out of there and watching the flame-ridden site. And, it was only the steeple that was destroyed; the crypt and the attached building were left intact.

Perhaps, beliefs that we once held sacred destroyed themselves and the relic that was taken is that nugget from the past which we call experience. And, it is this experience that plays a guiding role in determining the direction we take.
Please share your thoughts and/or feelings.

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