Friday, 25 February 2011

New World? Old Habits...

Hello everyone,

This is going to be a bit heavy, but there will be a golden thread of hope at the end. Right now, I have to admit to the glum thought that I really do not like the general direction we as a " civilization" are going in.

This is not to negate all the images of transformation taking place worldwide or all the random acts of kindness that we are so often kept away from by an advertisement and money-driven media. And this media has so much to answer for in maintaining the heavy layer of negativity that this planet and its' inhabitants labour under or with. I say SHAME to the media, the talking heads and to those who literally buy into its' sad, tragic and also very empty broadcasts or publications. Let us put the networks' pundits where they really belong- in an isolated Roman circus where citizens will pay for the privilege of watching them fight amongst themselves and jockey for a position of importance that is of their own imaginings.

Now, briefly onto technology.... First, let me begin by saying that I am grateful for some of its' developments...Yes, we can relate to one another more immediately...We get to the truths of certain events related by even fewer courageous souls "out there". And, I am thankful for the petition sites generated by generous-hearted people or movements who do reach into government offices and dozing politicians. Keep them all awake, I say!!

But, with all that, Communication remains a rare commodity -just look at the banks and big companies or even the countless options on their phone replies. A compass with a heavy dose of patience....please!! It is very much the same as City Hall...go to door number 2...WRONG...go to the sixth floor ( no elevator/lift on offer ) and try door number 301....and it goes on with every step clicking away at our own personal resolve. The medical system as well...How on earth can one heal with so many obstacles in the way?

Send me a good park bench with a view and an intelligent any shape....Or a good read!!

All the historic lessons are on repeat which makes me wonder about the true "intelligence" of humanity...Just look at the state of our planet. Garbage everywhere, disrespect, greed, pollution on an unimaginable scale and governments scratch their heads and look up asking for solutions to the crises of global warming and the economy. Gee...could cleaning up after ourselves be an answer rather than a rocket to Mars? Species of animals are fighting for their very survival while we sit in our homes mindlessly at computers or at the squawk-box. It makes NO SENSE ! We are not making sense...

And that golden thread of hope? Yes, it is there...but we have to find it, pick it up and weave a new tapestry.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Which Way to Turn?

This photo was taken two days ago at a local church in Langport, UK. And it reflects the way I feel these days. Perhaps it is the tail-end of winter that is dragging on and the dull, damp days that England is so well-known for. Or is it the changing times we are living in and the multitude of currents that we must learn to adapt to and try to swim in. In short, I am very uncomfortable, edgy, frustrated and am unable to read all the signs. Like Nature trying to read the signs of the seasons in transition.

Governments and big business are so out of touch with anything really and their stubborn stupidity and short-sightedness exhausts me and I spend much time in signing so many worthwhile and urgent petitions to let them know that their citizens are crying out for something different. And the environmental state of our planet makes my heart sink and the untold suffering of wildlife at our clumsy hands.

What to do about and with this? How to keep my internal light shining in such gloomy times? Plus, with the more than abundant communicative technologies we learn to talk with one other on a less meaningful level. When is true contact made now? Or is it like being on the mobile phone looking for one's friend around the corner or on the same bus? Really?

As this photo shows,what direction should our gaze fix upon?

Sunday, 20 February 2011

What Are You Folks Doing?

Hello Dear Ones!

Anyone out there? What is each one of you up to ? I have my eye out for you and please feel free to contribute a photo, a poem, an image or thought right here! I don't wish to get trapped in a one-sided game of verbal tennis. I understand everyone is busy, but hey, I want to really reach out here! And to you lovely souls!

Best thoughts and wishes always, Julia