Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Which Way to Turn?

This photo was taken two days ago at a local church in Langport, UK. And it reflects the way I feel these days. Perhaps it is the tail-end of winter that is dragging on and the dull, damp days that England is so well-known for. Or is it the changing times we are living in and the multitude of currents that we must learn to adapt to and try to swim in. In short, I am very uncomfortable, edgy, frustrated and am unable to read all the signs. Like Nature trying to read the signs of the seasons in transition.

Governments and big business are so out of touch with anything really and their stubborn stupidity and short-sightedness exhausts me and I spend much time in signing so many worthwhile and urgent petitions to let them know that their citizens are crying out for something different. And the environmental state of our planet makes my heart sink and the untold suffering of wildlife at our clumsy hands.

What to do about and with this? How to keep my internal light shining in such gloomy times? Plus, with the more than abundant communicative technologies we learn to talk with one other on a less meaningful level. When is true contact made now? Or is it like being on the mobile phone looking for one's friend around the corner or on the same bus? Really?

As this photo shows,what direction should our gaze fix upon?


  1. The planet has a higher power. I know signing petitions is helpful, and getting active, but sometimes we can be the most help when we sit and just love, connect with source and love. Grass always pokes through pavement. And it sucks but mass extinctions are a part of life and we as humans just might need to be extinguished. Maybe winter should be over!!! I know how you feel. I think fighting is sometimes counterproductive. Kill em with kindness, it really rattles people. Love you sweets.

  2. Loved One! I did post a reply, but it got gobbled up!! Thank you for responding in a heartfelt way and you know me and my Aries inclinations-it's all a bit much right now.How are you managing all the intense energies of the time? Feel like sharing a writing or a poem here? Love you very much, Julia