Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Warm Zephyr of Optimism

I would like to dedicate this blog to a young reader and friend who shall remain nameless until he tells me to change this. I always enjoy our conversations and I continually walk away for a think or, most often, a re-think. There is a lesson or two veiled in our exchanges which take awhile to emerge in the full light of understanding ( and coffee).

This friend called me a few days after I had written a fairly troubled posting because I was feeling lost, angry and frustrated. A sign of the transitional times? These days, weeks and months are laden with change and metamorphosis and the conflicting energies are often complex and hidden, but definitely felt....and very deeply by some. However, I did go after the negative media and overwhelming news which I do stand by. But...and there is a big BUT...I did not wish to convey any hopelessness or stuck-negativity to anyone...I may feel mired from time to time...Nonetheless, transformation is my sacred imperative in my words and art. Plus, I do not want our younger travellers to feel hopeless and negative in the midst of extraordinarily rash and often greedy actions. There is so much goodness out there and there are media that constantly earn my respect in trying to get the word out. Please feel free to peruse a few of Mike Conley's links. Also, there is the "petition site", 38 degrees and

What is being somewhat overlooked is the whole concept of CHOICE. Every second of every day we have the choice to see and feel let alone to act in a certain way. The pillars of tradition and thought are crumbling and so many are unaware of their own power and ability to choose for themselves. The media, governments and big business want to believe that they can make us think in any direction they wish...they also can communicate the feeling of futility by endless pieces of paper, confusing options over the phone and non-exchanges with companies. This is hooey and , in holding onto our knowledge of choice, we hold onto to our very source of strength and compassion.

So, to my dear friend, there truly is no reason to despair as long as one keeps his/her power to discern wisely, lovingly and expansively. And, to do that, follow your life's journeys and challenges with open eyes and a ready, healthy heart.

Another Warm Welcome To A Fellow Traveller

In honour of Liz who has just joined in, I dedicate this image entitled " Onwards and Upwards"! Liz is from Vermont where I lived for over half my life. She writes deeply felt poetry and more that she may share here someday!

Thank you, Liz and so thrilled to have you here! Is Spring slowly wriggling itself to life in the hills? Blessings!

Saturday, 5 March 2011


A hearty and warm welcome to my newest friend! I love your avatar and will respond by an image I took a couple of weeks ago! Blessings always and thanks for joining in!