Monday, 20 June 2011

My Refuge

Good day everyone!

A simple thought for today, the eve of the Summer Solstice. I am so deeply grateful for my imagination and the worlds it offers to explore. I am humbled by the creativity of my body, soul, mind, heart, Higher Self, Unconscious, the Universe at incredibly large and the divine which is reflected in every living thing. I don't know how I would have comfortably and happily survived without the extra-life that nourishes me each day and night. To some extent, I feel that I have experienced success already and all that may ensue is but icing on a very rich cake! I would like to share my images more widely, but, right now, I feel like a very well-fed and tranquil dragon cushioned by treasures to be turned over and admired as I wish. Hooray for me, my imagination and the world that envelopes both.

The following is an image that came of a vision a few weeks ago. The alligator is comfortable protecting her gold which are the child and the golden egg.

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