Sunday, 17 July 2011

To "Nay" Sayers

Good morning all!

It is a very soggy morning here in the UK, but it is so helpful for writing. Like so many, I have been caught up in the winds and cycles of change as well as beginning to organize my first class that I feel as if I've stepped onto a fast-moving escalator with only my prayers and visions to cling to. Please feel free to share your experiences if you wish. Like a wild animal, I see myself slinking into quiet tall grass that gently covers my visionary tracks and simply disappearing into my own wilds. If I did not have my craft to return to, I really do not know what would become of me...A helium-filled balloon released in a tiny, cluttered room?!

Hence, this interaction I had the other day which weighed very heavily and sounded all too familiar. In the morning, I walked into my usual charity shop and was greeted by a very cheerful acquaintance I had gotten to know over the past year. I felt safe and appreciated, so I showed her the flyer for my upcoming class in September. I was greeted by a laugh, a shaking head and a repetitive and loud " No"," No". With each no, I felt the door of my opening to her close very aggressively and I became quiet as the sting sank deeply in my chest and consciousness. Of course, she was of certain generation and background and that an appreciation of my symbolic and otherwordly work would be an aching reach for her, but to hear "No". WoW! I felt my forehead harden and rounded horns poke through flesh and the instinct to charge over her words waved into and over me.Noone tells me "NO" now-not even myself!

As a result, I knew then that I could not openly share my visions with her, but that I would continue more determined than ever to share my work and its' inspiration with other travellers seeking visionary waters and nourishment. In the past, I would have shut down altogether and hidden my images in dry, dark trunks.But the locks are very rusty and the keys either lost or bent so that they no longer fit. I will continue to follow in my own footsteps and you are most welcome to join me should our paths cross. With love...


  1. I have officially joined :) Blessings dear friend - I wish you the deepest calm and peace as you follow the path of your soul, encouraging as you do, all of us to do so!