Saturday, 1 October 2011

It Has Been Awhile!

Good day my dear friends!!

And warmest of welcomes to my newest followers!! Wooppeeee!

What a roller-coaster ride since I last sent up a smoke signal.I have been caught up in class preparations and that wonderful event took place last week. And now, I have been enthralled and busy cheering on the mass movement taking place daily in New York and elsewhere. Of course, I seem to be encouraging such movement here in the UK, but it can be slower and demonstrations of outright anger and indignation are slow to take hold. But, they do...

So many thoughts and emotions spin my way and I am trying to stay in one healthy place.It is so hard sometimes and thank goodness for my art and communiques from friends like yourselves and for the Natural World!!I have so much to say, but then silence invites so much as well and I am sure that you must be tired of words being thrown at you. So, I will post images as a change and hope that you will find some refreshment from that. In the meantime, I send each and every one of you good thoughts and warm light in these autumn days!!!

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  1. Your work speaks to me! It is quite wonderful and of high quality. I am also a collage artist and SC Facilitator. So glad to "accidentally" discover you today :-) via Collagista Issue 14!