Friday, 24 February 2012

So Much Silence

Happy New Year, warm Imbolc, sweet Valentine's Day and thoughtful Lent!

I am so so sorry for this incredible silence, but, given the rapidity and magnitude of change and events in my life's journey, I know that you will understand. And something tells me that you will be very sympathetic! I do pray for everyone's wellbeing here and please feel free to share anything here...For the past week or so, I have been reeling from the dubious news that my feisty brain tumour is showing signs of re-growth...Instead of a box of chocolates on Valentine's, I got a cautious call from my neurosurgeon's nurse announcing that Spring had sprung early in my head...Well, I always knew that my brain was safe and securely planted in fertile soil...How will I address this in coming weeks, I am not certain...Hopefully, with aplomb and some humour! However, the waves of emotion have been so big and frequent even before this news....I am riding the surfboard of revelations, sentiments, memories on the swells and undertows of deep reflexion and day to day events...How about all of you? Let me hear from you before I go on and on....Because, as always, I have much to say and share, but I do not wish to senselessly harp on and on as if I were in an echo chamber...In the meantime, I send you all my love and good thoughts as my little tumour waves its' sprout "Hello".

The image I have chosen is very recent...And it reminds me of when I first went through the "Brain Trip" 4 years ago. When I was consulting my doctor and he showed me an image of my brain from the MRI, I exclaimed, " Why, it looks exactly like an opened walnut!" The resemblance was exact...This collage is entitled " From Little Walnuts".